Tuesday, 29 July 2014

My Favourite Fake Tan 2014 - Lauren's Way Solution 60

A month or so ago i got asked to try out Laurens way solution 60 spray tan and i have never loved a fake tan so much for years! This fake tan is amazing because it doesn't have that horrid fake tan biscuit smell and it develops in 60 minutes. It has amazing coverage and doesn't come out streaky at all. I left my tan on for about 4 hours before washing the excess tan off, leaving this beautiful bronzed glow. NO ORANGE IN SIGHT!! I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS TAN AS IT'S NOT ONLY AFFORDABLE BUT COMES OUT PERFECTLY.  - I AM HOOKED!

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

French Connection Summer Maxi Dress

Maxi dress: French connection* / Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

I'm obsessed by maxi dresses recently, i get like this when ever the weather heats up! So when i saw this red/orange maxi on the french connection site i knew i needed it in my summer wardrobe. The best thing about maxi dresses is they hide all my lumps and bumps so no one needs to see my love handles or saddle bags while they're walking down the street haha. I've been looking for a dress like this for about a year and i finally own one! WAHOOOOO! Jumpsuits and maxi dresses will see me through this summer, what do you prefer wearing when the weather gets hawtttt?

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

My April Favourites | 2014

1). This April's Birchbox* - i'm a huge fan of Birchbox and this months has definitely been my favourite so far. In this months box we received Liz Earl face scrub which is by far the best thing i've used on my face ever. With these monthly boxes it is a bit hit and miss, but every box i've received so far has been amazing.

2). Clinique face wash and Moisturiser - I got this as a present from my auntie and uncle and i've been in love with it ever since. I normally don't use much on my face as i'm allergic to most harsh things, but these two are for sensitive skin and keep my face feeling fresh and smooth all day long. I would definitely recommend!

3). Public Desire heels - My amazing boyfriend bought me these shoes a few weeks ago and i'm so in love!! They're super duper easy to walk in because of the platform. They're so gorgeous i want to stare at them all the time.

4). Red Fox bottle O butter - The cheapest body moisturiser and the best! I bought this as i read lots of people saying it's better than ones that were £100+ and when you can get it for as cheap as £1.95 i had to try and i'm so  glad i did.

5). Clarins bronze serum - You add this serum to your moisturiser and it gives you a fab bronze to your face. I love this for when i fake tan my body and my face is always paler than my body, so it's amazing when i add it.

6). Clinique brush cleanser - i use this to clean all my makeup brushes, it's by far the best one i've used. Just a few squirts and then you add water and you're good to go!

7). Cocoa dark tan - BY FAR THE BEST TAN I'VE EVER USED!

8). Minimale Animale - Everything from MA are literally the best bikinis ever! If only i had a hot body i'd wear their bikinis 24/7.

9). Loreal true match foundation - this foundation is by far the best one i've used. Better than MAC and Chanel and dior, i cannot get enough of it.

10). Flossy plimsolls* - I'm SO in love with these little cuties, i've been wearing them to death even though i wanted to save them for the summer - woops. They're sooo comfy and so good for spring/summer. I Need all of there shoes.

11). American Apparel stripe body - I cannot wait to wear this with shorts in the summer, the backlessness of it and the sideboobage is RIGHT up my street.

12). Bobbi Brown Pink lipstick - It's been perfect for spring and it's my favourite colour, it's less matte and has a gloss to it.

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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Easy Going Waves Hair tutorial

1). Separate your hair into sections, i separated mine into two. Grabbing a section of hair comparable to the size of your curling barrel (mines 1 inch) tong the hair in the middle of the section curling around and pulling the hair down. Do that about twice depending on how many curls you want.

2). (Work that dance gurl, sing that song!) Once you've curled to the top of your hair, hold in place until your hair feels warm/hot to touch. Then release.

3). Once you've done that side, start on the other curling your hair away from your face. This will then make sure all the curls are similar in size and has a similar wave.

4). When you have done that section, release the rest of your hair that you clipped up. Starting from the front to the back do exactly as you did in number 1, but make sure you only do half the section at the front.

5). Hold in place again until it feels warm. If you want more body on the top push the curl upward with the curling wand still attached this will get away any kinks and give you that extra volume!

6). Lastly, grab a hairspray and straighten your arm, spray from afar so your hair doesn't get crispy! Spray as much as you want, i normally spray the shinanigans out of it! And thats it!

The curling wand i use is by Diva Pro which is super cheap but amazing! And the hair spray i use is by Tony and Guy!

Monday, 21 April 2014

My Updated Eyebrow Tutorial

I've recently been trying out a few different things for my eyebrows and it's made a huge difference. What i used: MAC eyebrow pencil in "lingering" I recently received an amazing Brow bar by whitening lightning which is a huge favourite with the beauty youtubers. I'm officially obsessed, they make my eyebrows fab! And lastly For the Highlighting i use benefit Eye bright.

1. I use my MAC eyebrow pencil and lightly draw a line just under my eyebrow and a bit further along to extend my eyebrow.

2. I then use light strokes to mimic hair lines and fill the lighter bits of my eyebrow so everything is blended perfectly.

3. I then do what i did on the bottom line with the pencil, on the top. Very lightly so i'm ready to fill in the lines i've made.

4. For the middle i use the darker colour in my brow bar and for the fading at the end i use the lighter blonde colour.

5. Using the slanted brush provided i push the MAC line i made up with the blonde colour, blending them until i've created a gradient at the end of the eyebrow.

6. Using the darker colour i use hair strokes blending in the faded line with my natural eyebrow.

7. Highlighting my eyebrow i use Benefits eyebright on the arch of my eyebrow and all across.

8. Finally i blend it in with my fingers, and i'm done!

If you want this brow bar you can use my code grace25 to get 25% off their whole website 
http://www.whiteninglightning.com/. (lipgloss worn is from their website in "summer sun")

Monday, 31 March 2014

Hair, hair all about my hair!

A few of you lovelies have asked me before to do a post about my hair, what hair dyes and shampoos and conditioners etc i use. So i thought I'd finally do a full post about everything i use and the things i love to use on my hair the most.

Hair dyes: When dying my hair i usually start with Jerome Russell Bblonde high lift powder and bleach. I mix the powder and the developer together and pop it on my darker roots, leaving it on for about 20-30 mins. I then wash it out and blow dry my hair, leaving it for a day. The next day, to even out the colour, i use L'Oreal preference in Stockholm blonde, you can see everything that's in the pack on the picture above. 

Hair care: Looking for a good Shampoo and conditioner for colour treated hair is an absolute nightmare!! Most shampoos just make the hair clean but don't actually look after your hair and keep it in the best quality. I recently got sent Fushi* Argan shampoo and conditioner and it's literally the best hair care i've used in years and years. Every time i wash my hair with it, it's not only voluminous but super shiny and healthy looking. After i've washed my hair i use my moroccan oil, which i absolutely swear by. I use light as that's for blonder hair types and isn't as strong as the one for darker hair. (the one for darker hair can make your hair dark and ginger if used on light hair). - the other shampoo and conditioner i have used which is amazing for my hair is Bed head dumb blonde, which is also absolutely amazing for your hair!

A few little tips i've learnt to keep your hair in the best condition you can - Don't straighten it often, using tongs is so much better as you're not clamping heat down on to your hair. Don't wash your hair every day as it can make your hair more and more greasy, give it a good breath. Stay away from using too many products on your hair as that can weigh the hair down and make it break easier. As long as you find the best products for your hair, your hair will grow longer and in the best quality. 

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

February Birchbox Review

I recently got contacted by the lovely people at Birchbox* to try out their feb box. I jumped at the chance as i've always wanted to try one of these beauty subscription boxes but never had enough money. They charge £10 per box per month and send you the box near the beginning of that said month. The box arrived about a week ago and i was so excited, to be honest i was more excited about the packaging LOOK AT IT its so beautiful, i'm a sucker for amazing packaging. It comes in a turquoise  box which once you open there's another box and inside that is the cutest little bag i've ever seen, i think that's even worth the £10 a month haha. I know with these boxes there are always good months and bad months, but the box they sent me for feb was definitely a good month, so i was very please about that. Some of the things in the box i was less excited about such as the shower gel as i can't use it and the chocolate. The rest though i was blown away with, the gorgeous bright pink nail varnish i fell madly in love with and i want it on my nails forever until i die. My two favs from the box has to be this morrocan type oil for your hair and the eyeko liquid eyeliner. Both items are amazing and i'd definitely recommend those two. You even make your money back on just one of the items which is awesome i think. Anyway next months they're including something from Lulu guiness..maybe i'll have to join just for that!

Exclusive code from me to you, when you subscribe to Birchbox use my code: BBXGB to get a FREE 
Cynthia Rowley makeup bag! xox